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RotorLib FDM for MATLAB/Simulink
  • RotorLib FDM for MATLAB is a generic, high-fidelity mathematical model that simulates aerodynamic and mechanical aspects of helicopters in Matlab/Simulink environment.

    RotorLib MATLAB functions allow engineers to write MATLAB programs which run RotorLib simulations, query simulation output such as helicopter state variables, run trim, linearization, climb and forward flight performance analysis.

    RotorLib Simulink block can be dropped into a Simulink model easily and allows engineers to build control system or autopilot models with Simulink and the RotorLib helicopter model.

    Customer Applications

    • Engineering
      • Helicopter flight dynamics model development
      • Helicopter control system and autopilot development
    • Academic Applications
      • Hands-on helicopter aerodynamics learning
      • Academic research
  • Trim Analysis

    Blade Element Model Rotor View

    Example generic helicopter model

    • UH-60 Blackhawk weight class
    • Single main and tail rotor configuration with:
      • Turbine Engine
      • Landing gears (steerable)
      • Variable incidence horizontal stabilizer
      • Autopilot
      • Fuselage
      • Vertical stabilizer

    Analysis tools

    • Trim analysis (Video)
    • Model linearization (Video1 Video2)
    • Acceleration analysis (Video)
    • Dynamic response analysis (Video)
    • Maximum speed analysis (Video)
    • Maximum climb rate analysis (Video)
    • Multicore support for analysis tools
    • All analysis tools are accessible via Matlab functions hence they are scriptable

    Mathematical model compatible with RotorLib FDM for C++

    • Develop helicopter models and control systems with Rotorlib FDM for Matlab and deploy on a simulator powered by RotorLib FDM for C++.

    Supported helicopter configurations

    • Single main and tail rotor
    • Tandem
    • Coaxial
    • Quadcopter

    Normal procedures

    • Hover (IGE, OGE)
    • Forward flight
    • Climb, descend
    • Steep approach
    • Coordinated turn
    • Sideways and backward flight
    • Taxi
    • Hovering taxi

    Simulated aerodynamic effects

    • Translational tendency
    • Non-uniform inflow
    • Translational lift
    • Asymmetry of lift
    • Effective translational lift
    • Compressibility and yawed flow
    • Ground effect
    • Autorotation
    • Interference effects (main rotor downwash effects on surfaces and tail rotor)

    Model Library

    • Blade element and Momentum theory rotor models for main and tail rotors
    • Weight and balance
    • Programmable Generic Control System
    • Engine and Drive Train (Not supported in Simulink)
      • Turbine Engine (add-on)
      • Constant RPM Engine
      • Freewheeling clutch for engine and drive train
      • Multiple Engines
      • Engine start-up procedures
    • Fuselage and Stabilizers
    • Wind and turbulence model
    • Slung Loads (add-on) (Not supported in Simulink)

    Design Tools

    • Rime and Virtual Flight

  • Multiple licensing options are available for RotorLib FDM for MATLAB users.

    Application License

    This license unlocks one copy of RotorLib. The license key is delivered on a USB stick which allows moving the license from one computer to another one. This license doesn’t expire.

    Annual License

    This license allows running a copy RotorLib on your computer for 1 year. The license key is delivered on a USB stick which allows moving the license from one computer to another one. After one year, the license can be extended for another year or upgraded to an application license.

    Support and maintenance

    All license options include 1 year support and maintenance.

    Academic Discounts

    RotorLib is often used for academic research and teaching. The Application and Annual licenses can be offered with academic discounts. Please contact us to check if you qualify for an academic discount.