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  • Built-in Maneuvers

    • High Level ControllersWaypointTypesPVD
      • fly over waypoints (follow a route)
        • (New in R7) Automatic speed control to arrive waypoints at user defined times
        • (New in R7) Fly by/Fly Over waypoints
        • (New in R7) Crosstrack error control to remain on the path
      • loiter around a point
      • fly at a given speed, heading and altitude
      • land
      • take-off
      • fly a race track
      • taxi to given position
      • taxi over given waypoints
    • Low Level Controllers
      • fly with a given velocity vector
      • fly at the given attitude (roll and pitch), speed, throttle setting and air brake setting
      • taxi with given velocity direction
    • Task plan and AI ready
      • Re-start, cancel maneuvers at runtime
      • Change maneuver parameters at runtime
      • Virtual pilot handles transitions correctly
    • Create new maneuvers
      • Use existing maneuvers as building blocks

    Manual flight

    • take control of an aircraft and fly manually
    • CGF entities continue their previous maneuvers once joystick is de-activated

    Combat Maneuvers Library Add-on

    Air combatSplitS_View02_1000px_forweb

    • Hard turn
    • Immelmann
    • Split-S
    • Lead, Lag and Pure Pursuit
    • High and Low Speed Gun Jink
    • Extension
    • Scissor
    • High/low yoyo
    • Break turn
    • Lift Vector Turn
    • Head on
    • Degree 90
    • Barrel roll

    Ground Attack

    • Dive bombing

    Vertical Takeoff and Landing Maneuvers

    • VTOL Land
    • VTOL take-off
    • VTOL fly with a given velocity vector

    Terrain following

    • terrain contour following flight
    • terrain avoidance

    Ship deck operations

    • Landing on a carrier
    • Take off from a carrier


    Physics based flight dynamics


     6-DOF flight dynamics

    • Flat and round earth support
    • Ability to match flight performance characteristics of type specific aircraft e.g. an F-16
    •  Reconfigurability
      • Mass, Moments of Inertia
      • Weapon Station definitions
      • Stability augmentation systems
      • Aerodynamics
        • Flap settings with varying drag,lift and side force profiles
        • Control surfaces
        • Roll,pitch rate performance
      • Engine
        • Table look-up based engine performance modeling
      • Landing gears
        • aerodynamic drag
        • suspension
        • wheeling
        • damage
        • steering controller

    Design Tools

    • (New in R7) GUI based configuration editor and a standalone test flight application



    • (New in R7) Trim (initializing the model in a predefined state)

    Electronic Warfare and Weapon Support

    • EWAWS weapon and missile loads
    • EWAWS onboard RADAR
    • EWAWS countermeasures including flares, chaffs, jammers and towed decoys



    SDK Simulation Features

    All RTDynamics models are part of a single C++ library, this allows developers to use the same SDK to integrate the products into their simulations. Models can also run in the same simulation world, for example all helicopter and aircraft models can carry EWAWS radar models, or can be targets of a EWAWS missiles.


    • C++ API
    • GUI based model editor (RIME)
    • Standalone application for flight testing models (Virtual Flight)
    • Multi-Platform: 32/64 Bit Windows and Linux.
    • Binaries available for all common Visual Studio version and Linux distros.

    Simulation Execution and Fidelity

    • Real-time, faster than real-time (batch mode) and slower than real-time simulation
    • Unlimited number of entities can be simulated with a single license
    • Deterministic simulation
    • State save and load (a.k.a. state snapshot/restore)
    • Real-time simulation data recording

    Integration & Visualization

    • Easy Integration with
      • Image Generators and 3d Visualization Tools
      • Control Loading Systems
      • Virtual and real cockpit instruments
    • 3D Visualization
    • Headache-free licensing