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Export Regulations for Commercial and Evaluation Licenses for China

Due to export regulations of Federal Republic of Germany, we are obligated to collect certain information from our customers/evaluators. To obtain a commercial or evaluation license, customers have to provide an End User Certificate (EUC).  The EUC is an official form which can be downloaded here.

Guidelines to fill in the EUC form

  • The form must be printed on a paper with company/institution letter head.
  • Company/institution seal must be applied.
  • Date must be written.
  • EUC must be signed by a person with signature authority (CEO/Owner of company/Dean of the department etc.)
  • A detailed description of the project must be provided.
  • A project description must be provided
    • If you are planning to use RTDynamics products in a specific project, please provide a detailed description of the project.
    • If you do not have a concrete project but would like to evaluate the products for future possibilities, please write “software evaluation for purchase decision”.

Guidelines to send the EUC form

  • After you prepared the EUC please send a scanned copy by email to us so that we can review it.
  • If there aren’t any problems with the document, we will contact you so that you send it us by post.
  • The forms are to be send to the following address.
    Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1
    80992 Munich

What this all means

By signing the EUC you confirm that you will

  • not re-export the software to certain countries without explicit permission from Federal Republic of Germany,
  • not use the software for nuclear, biological or chemical weapons research and development (including delivery and targeting systems).

The use of the products in military projects is not restricted, however, since Germany has a weapons embargo to China, RTDynamics will not be able to provide technical support for questions that are military in nature. Examples:

  • We can answer questions about how to integrate our software to simulation applications
  • We can answer general questions about how to model aircrafts or helicopters with our products
  • We can provide customers with a specialized model of a specific civil aircraft (e.g. A 310)
  • We can not provide customers with specialized models of specific military aircrafts (e.g. F-16 or UH-60 )