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Custom Modeling

All RTDynamics products come with generic reconfigurable models. Additionally, customers can contract RTDynamics to build generic or type specific models built to meet their program requirements.

RTDynamics have already provided many custom models to its customers in the following categories:C130_VortexLattice1

  • High fidelity helicopter models for pilot training for use in flight training devices (e.g. FNPT II MCC)
  • High fidelity aircraft models for pilot training
  • CGF aircraft and helicopter models
  • Missile dynamics models
  • RADAR, IR simulation models

Integration Assistance

RTDynamics provides onsite/offsite integration assistance to customers. This can include

  • integration with IGs and terrain servers
  • integration with control loading hardware
  • integration with simulation environments like VT MAK VR-Forces or Presagis STAGE