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RotorLib v1.3 released!

Rosenheim, Germany – 28th Feb 2007, RTDynamics announced, today, a major upgrade to it’s helicopter flight dynamics simulation software. RotorLib is used for flight training devices, tactical simulations, helicopter crew training devices, hardware-in-the-loop avionics development simulators. RotorLib customers can immediately upgrade to v1.3 free of charge.

V1.3 introduces several new classes and contains fixes for bugs which were reported by our customers. Major features include:

  • The new Rotor model class FGRotor200 and the flight dynamics helicopter model provide high fidelity simulation of rotorcraft in pilot-in-the-loop training applications

  • Starting from v1.3, RotorLib supports XML configuration files for aircraft models which allows users to exchange flight models easily. XML configuration files can be easily modified for flight model testing purposes and require no compilation

  • The new “stop” controller allows the helicopter to quit its current task and come to a hover in an adjustable manner. With this controller users can adjust how hard the maneuver should be performed.

Various other features are added to the controllers:

  • Adjustable terrain query frequency for nap-of-the-earth or terrain following flight

  • Terrain following flight is now less vulnerable to changes in terrain height change

  • Velocity controller can now be tuned with roll-in/roll-out speed parameter

  • Follow route controller accepts waypoint change coefficient as maneuver parameter

About RotorLib

RotorLib is a C++ programming library containing a physically based helicopter dynamics simulation model and an easy to use high-level control layer, which fills the gap between helicopter dynamics and the AI code. RotorLib applications include visual simulation and training, helicopter simulators, tactical trainer systems and “serious games”.

About RTDynamics

RTDynamics was founded in 2004 to develop and market RotorLib and advanced rotary- and fixed-wing flight dynamics models for visual simulation and game development industries.


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