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New RotorLib FDM version adds high fidelity rotor model

Rosenheim, Germany ā€“ 25th Sep 2008, RTDynamics announced, today, the newest version of RotorLib FDMĀ®, a C++ programming library containing real-time helicopter flight dynamics models (FDMs) and additional simulation models. RotorLib FDM has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to, desktop trainers, part task trainers, tactical simulations and engineering simulators. RotorLib customers under maintenance upgrade to v2.1 free of charge.

The latest version of RotorLib includes major improvements to the flight model:

  • the new GenHeli500 flight model includes completely new main & tail rotor, fuselage and stabilizer models
  • support for wind tunnel test data in models
  • generic control system model
  • auto-trim controller
  • marine operations module for ship deck landing simulation
  • high fidelity real-time landing gear model
  • new WGS84 and UTM earth models
  • instrument models with measurement error simulation
VisitĀĀ for more information.

About RotorLib FDM

RotorLib FDM is a C++ programming library containing a high-fidelity complex mathematicalĀ helicopter dynamics simulation model. RotorLib applications include pilot training devices, avionics and engineering simulators.

About RTDynamics

RTDynamics was founded in 2004 to develop and market vehicle dynamics models and middleware for simulating autonomous vehicle entities for visual simulation and game development industries. RTDynamics provides services and products for advanced rotary wing and fixed wing flight dynamics simulation.


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