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FixedWingLib CGF Combat Maneuvers Library Add-On Announced

Rosenheim, Germany – 27th September 2010, RTDynamics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Combat Maneuvers Library (CML) for FixedWingLib CGF®, a C++ library that provides unprecedented realism for computer generated fixed wing entities such as wingmen, enemy targets and fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). For FixedWingLib CGF, RTDynamics has developed a special 6-DOF flight dynamics model and a library of low level controllers which can be extended and customized to simulate almost any type of aircraft and any type of maneuver.

CML is built on top of FixedWingLib CGF and provides ready-to-use maneuvers for CGF entities such as Immelmann, Low- and High-Yoyo, Lift Vector Turn, and various bombing runs. Fixed-wing CGF entities gain the capability to perform high-fidelity air combat and close air support maneuvers in real-time simulations, for example in pilot and air-crew training simulations.


FixedWingLib CML

FixedWingLib CGF and CML are immediately available from RTDynamics. Depending on end-user location, CML can be subject to export permission. Please visit FixedWingLib product page and CML product page  for more information.

About RTDynamics

RTDynamics was founded in 2004 to develop and market vehicle dynamics models and middleware for simulating autonomous vehicle entities for visual simulation and game development industries. RTDynamics provides services and products for advanced rotary- and fixed-wing flight dynamics simulation.


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