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  • Trim Analysis

    Blade Element Model Rotor View

    Example generic helicopter model

    • UH-60 Blackhawk weight class
    • Single main and tail rotor configuration with:
      • Turbine Engine
      • Landing gears (steerable)
      • Variable incidence horizontal stabilizer
      • Autopilot
      • Fuselage
      • Vertical stabilizer

    Analysis tools

    • Trim analysis (Video)
    • Model linearization (Video1 Video2)
    • Acceleration analysis (Video)
    • Dynamic response analysis (Video)
    • Maximum speed analysis (Video)
    • Maximum climb rate analysis (Video)
    • Multicore support for analysis tools
    • All analysis tools are accessible via Matlab functions hence they are scriptable

    Mathematical model compatible with RotorLib FDM for C++

    • Develop helicopter models and control systems with Rotorlib FDM for Matlab and deploy on a simulator powered by RotorLib FDM for C++.

    Supported helicopter configurations

    • Single main and tail rotor
    • Tandem
    • Coaxial
    • Quadcopter

    Normal procedures

    • Hover (IGE, OGE)
    • Forward flight
    • Climb, descend
    • Steep approach
    • Coordinated turn
    • Sideways and backward flight
    • Taxi
    • Hovering taxi

    Simulated aerodynamic effects

    • Translational tendency
    • Non-uniform inflow
    • Translational lift
    • Asymmetry of lift
    • Effective translational lift
    • Compressibility and yawed flow
    • Ground effect
    • Autorotation
    • Interference effects (main rotor downwash effects on surfaces and tail rotor)

    Model Library

    • Blade element and Momentum theory rotor models for main and tail rotors
    • Weight and balance
    • Programmable Generic Control System
    • Engine and Drive Train (Not supported in Simulink)
      • Turbine Engine (add-on)
      • Constant RPM Engine
      • Freewheeling clutch for engine and drive train
      • Multiple Engines
      • Engine start-up procedures
    • Fuselage and Stabilizers
    • Wind and turbulence model
    • Slung Loads (add-on) (Not supported in Simulink)

    Design Tools

    • Rime and Virtual Flight