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ESA Add-on

ESA Add-on allows simulation of electronically scanned array RADAR within EWAWS. When available, this add-on allows users to simulate the following typical functionalities of ESA radars:

  • Multiple beams: ESA add-on can generate and control multiple beams simultaneously. This allows for simultaneous tracking and scanning of various areas or targets.
  • Mode interleaving: different radar modes, such as air and ground scan, can be active simultaneously.
  • Time shared search/track: e.g. while a radar is searching targets it can maintain a dedicated beam on designated targets
  • Frequency Agility: Beams generated simultaneously can have different frequencies, pulse repetition frequencies (PRFs), and pulse widths.

Model Configuration and Editing

Configuration parameters for the ESA radar model are stored and edited alongside other model parameters within the RIME (RTDynamics Model Editor). . The “radar mode” and “radar module” concepts in RIME facilitate the modeling of diverse ESA radar capabilities.

VR-Forces Integration & Interoperability

  • HLA Data exchange: EWAWS publishes ESA radar beam data to DIS/HLA and can also handle incoming DIS/HLA data related to ESA radar beams.
  • VR-Forces Entity Information: The information displayed in the VR-Forces entity information dialog box now includes current beam data generated by the EWAWS ESA radar.
  • Task Visualization: The EWAWS task visualization functionality has been extended to support the display of multiple beams.