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LAR Add-on

LAR is an Add-on to EWAWS. During simulation, weapon launching models (e.g. CGFs) can utilize data which is generated by the offline component of the LAR Add-on LAR Generator. The data allows the model to make a better launch timing. LAR supports air-to-air, air-to-ground and surface-to-air weapon launches.


At runtime the model can feed data such as

  • launcher speed/altitude
  • target range/speed/aspect/bearing/altitude

to the runtime component of LAR, which then returns various data:

  • Aerodynamic range, max range, never escape range, minimum range
  • A-pole, F-Pole, time to target

Based on returned data, the model can decide when to launch the weapon. Developers can have utilize return data such as Rmax and Rneverescape to drive RADAR scope or HUD.

LAR Generation, Analysis and Reporting

LAR generation is built into the RTDynamics model editor RIME. After each LAR generator run various plots will be generated, which can be archived or put in version control to track future performance changes to the weapon model.

  • Each run consists of thousands of faster-than-realtime simulations. This process takes minutes and not hours on modern hardware.
  • LAR add-on helps domain experts to validate their weapons directly in RIME without other tools such as MATLAB or without additional programming.
  • The resulting weapon configuration and the corresponding offline LAR data can be used directly in VR-Forces or with any application which uses the RTDynamics C++ SDK.