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  • Example generic aircraft model

    • Airbus A310 weight class
    • Two turbine engines
    • Tricycle landing gear configuration
    • Autotrim controller
    • Aileron, elevator, rudder

    Certification ReadinessFWLFDM_Text_Log

    • Real-time data logging
      • Human readable and easy to import tabular text format
      • Compact binary format
    • Time history data plotting (MATLAB scripts)

    Supported configurations

    • Fast jets
    • Large cargo and passenger jets
    • Small propeller aircrafts
    • Large propeller aircrafts

    Design Tools

    • (New in R7) GUI based configuration editor and a standalone test flight application


    Normal procedures

    • straight and level flight
    • climb, descend
    • steep approach
    • coordinated turn
    • taxi
    • landing
      • normal landing
      • landing with wind (e.g. heavy crosswind landing)
      • carrier landing (add-on)
    • take off
      • normal take-off
      • take-off with wind (e.g. heavy crosswind take-off)
      • carrier take-off (add-on)

    Emergency procedures and malfunctions

    • emergency approach and landing
    • systems and equipment malfunctions
      • engine malfunctions
      • fuel starvation
      • stuck landing gear
      • flap malfunction
      • partial or complete control authority loss
      • inoperative trim

    Generic aerodynamic modeling

    • fully reconfigurable aerodynamic component buildup equation
    • adaptable to almost any type of aerodynamic data

    Model Library


    • Generic aerodynamic model (covers all wings, stabilizers, control surface sand fuselage)
    • Weight and balance
    • Programmable Generic Control System
    • Propeller models
      • Blade element model
      • Momentum theory model
    • Engine and Drive Train
      • Reconfigurable turbojet/turbofan engine model
      • Turboshaft engine (add-on)
        • Engine start-up procedures
      • Reconfigurable drive train model
      • Multiple engines
    • Ground Interaction
      • steerable landing gears
      • carrier landing/take off
    • Wind and turbulence model


    • Control loading system interfaces
    • C++ Fast Trim API
      • Ability to start in the air

    Electronic Warfare and Weapon Support

    • EWAWS weapon and missile loads
    • EWAWS onboard RADAR
    • EWAWS countermeasures including flares, chaffs, jammers and towed decoys

    SDK Simulation Features

    All RTDynamics models are part of a single C++ library, this allows developers to use the same SDK to integrate the products into their simulations. Models can also run in the same simulation world, for example all helicopter and aircraft models can carry EWAWS radar models, or can be targets of a EWAWS missiles.


    • C++ API
    • GUI based model editor (RIME)
    • Standalone application for flight testing models (Virtual Flight)
    • Multi-Platform: 32/64 Bit Windows and Linux.
    • Binaries available for all common Visual Studio version and Linux distros.

    Simulation Execution and Fidelity

    • Real-time, faster than real-time (batch mode) and slower than real-time simulation
    • Unlimited number of entities can be simulated with a single license
    • Deterministic simulation
    • State save and load (a.k.a. state snapshot/restore)
    • Real-time simulation data recording

    Integration & Visualization

    • Easy Integration with
      • Image Generators and 3d Visualization Tools
      • Control Loading Systems
      • Virtual and real cockpit instruments
    • 3D Visualization
    • Headache-free licensing