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RotorLib FDM Log File

RotorLib FDM Log File

RotorLib FDM Shipdeck Landing


Model Editor (RIME)


Blade Element Model Rotor View

Generic Turbine Engine

Example generic helicopter model

  • UH-60 Blackhawk weight class
  • Single main and tail rotor configuration with:
    • Turbine Engine
    • Landing gears (steerable)
    • Variable incidence horizontal stabilizer
    • Autopilot
    • Fuselage
    • Vertical stabilizer

Certification Readiness

  • Real-time data logging
    • Human readable and easy to import tabular text format
    • Compact binary format
  • Time history data plotting (MATLAB scripts)

Supported configurations

  • single main and tail rotor
  • tandem
  • coaxial
  • quadcopter

Normal procedures

  • hover (IGE, OGE)
  • forward flight
  • climb, descend
  • steep approach
  • coordinated turn
  • sideways and backward flight
  • taxi
  • hovering taxi
  • landing
    • normal landing
    • running landing
    • slope landing
    • ship deck landing (add-on)
  • take off
    • normal take-off
    • running take-off
    • slope take-off
    • take-off from ship deck (add-on)

Emergency procedures and malfunctions

  • autorotative landing
  • vortex ring state recovery
  • single and multiple engine failures
  • main or tail shaft failure
  • stuck undercarriage
  • hot start
  • stuck tail & main rotor pitch

Simulated aerodynamic effects

  • translational tendency
  • non-uniform inflow
  • translational lift
  • asymmetry of lift
  • effective translational lift
  • compressibility and yawed flow
  • ground effect
  • vortex ring state (settling with power)
  • autorotation
  • slung loads effects on helicopter body
  • interference effects (main rotor downwash effects on surfaces and tail rotor)

Model Library

  • Blade element and Momentum theory rotor models for main and tail rotors
  • Weight and balance
  • Programmable Generic Control System
  • Autopilot (add-on)
  • Engine and Drive Train
    • Turbine Engine (add-on)
    • Constant RPM Engine
    • Freewheeling clutch for engine and drive train
    • Multiple Engines
    • Engine start-up procedures
  • Fuselage and Stabilizers
  • Ground Interaction, Skids and Wheels
    • inclined surface landing/takeoff
    • ship deck landing/take off
  • Wind and turbulence model
  • Slung Loads (add-on)

Design Tools

    • Rime and Virtual Flight


  • Control loading system interfaces
  • C++ Fast Trim API

Electronic Warfare and Weapon Support

  • EWAWS weapon and missile loads
  • EWAWS onboard RADAR
  • EWAWS countermeasures including flares, chaffs, jammers and towed decoys