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Shared C++ Simulation Features


SDK Simulation Features

All RTDynamics models are part of a single C++ library, this allows developers to use the same SDK to integrate the products into their simulations.

Models can also run in the same simulation world, for example all helicopter and aircraft models can carry EWAWS radar models, or can be targets of a EWAWS missiles.


  • C++ API
  • GUI based model editor (RIME)
  • Standalone application for flight testing models (Virtual Flight)
  • Multi-Platform: 32/64 Bit Windows and Linux.
  • Binaries available for all common Visual Studio version and Linux distros.


Simulation Execution and Fidelity

  • Real-time, faster than real-time (batch mode) and slower than real-time simulation
  • Unlimited number of entities can be simulated with a single license
  • Deterministic simulation
  • State save and load (a.k.a. state snapshot/restore)
  • Real-time simulation data recording


Integration & Visualization

  • Easy Integration with
    • Image Generators and 3d Visualization Tools
    • Control Loading Systems
    • Virtual and real cockpit instruments
  • 3D Visualization
  • Headache-free licensing