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v3.x to v4.0 C++ API Changes Overview

The version 4 of the RTDynamics C++ API mark a major version change and this release breaks backward compatibility. The API has been improved, refined and extended. Below you will find a list of major API changes which will hopefully help you port your v3.x code to v4 quickly. There are many new, changed and removed class members. This document outlines the high level changes only. Please refer to the Programmer’s Guide for details.

Note: if you are a v4 beta customer, please note that there have been changes to the API during the beta release and testing.

All Products

  • The UTM and WGS84 API has changed. Please refer to the new Examples/SDK/EarthModelsExample.
  • TerrainQueryCallback::query() method signature has changed. Please update your derived classes to match the new query signature.
  • SimpleThrustEngine class renamed as ThrustGeneratorEngine
  • AttachmentStationsInfo class renamed as StationInfo. Stations are defined with Station keyword in the XML config file now. Also, ability to define names for stations added.

FixedWingLib CGF

  • SimplifiedAirplane class is renamed to┬áAirplaneDynamics
  • FlyWingmanController is renamed to FollowEntityController
  • avoidInvertedFlight dynamic parameter is removed

RotorLib CGF

  • SimplifiedRotorcraft class is renamed to┬áHelicopterDynamics

RotorLib FDM

  • The new GenHeli600 is the new suggested high fidelity model.
  • CoPX, CoPY and CoPZ parameters are renamed as forceExertionPntX, forceExertionPntY and forceExertionPntZ
  • Signatures of trim, findMaxSpeedKts and findMaxClimbRateFtMin methods changed.

FixedWingLib FDM

  • The new┬áGenAirplane200┬áis the new suggested high fidelity model.